6 Tips For Pet Grooming At Home

Pet Grooming

Your Four-Legged Friend Deserves All The Finer Things In Life. Follow These Top Tips For A Health Glowing Coat. If you want to read more detail about pet grooming click here.


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Doggie Day Spa

Different breeds require different grooming. Research your puppy’s breed and the grooming brushes and De-shedding tools that are best suited. Visit us Pet-barn and we’ll happily advise!

Baby Steps:

Grooming should start with gentle brushing for five minutes a day. Use the back of the brush initially to calm your puppy. For longer coats, use a De-tangling spray if required.

Take It Slow:

Reward good behavior and stop before your puppy gets irritable.

Warm Up:

Introduce your puppy to shampoo and bathing, using warm water and puppy shampoo and conditioner.

Designate A Space:

Have a specific grooming area. A table is a good idea as the floor is perceived by your puppy as a play area.

Help Them Adjust:

Professional grooms are especially important for wire-coated and long-coated puppies, so it pays to get your puppy accustomed to the noise and smells of a professional grooming salon.

Work With Them:

If your puppy is becoming agitated or unsettled, take a break from grooming and return to it once they have relaxed.


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