7 Steps To Take Before Getting a Dog | Common Dog Expenses

Getting a Dog

Having a dog can be great deal of fun, but it also requires a great deal of responsibility. Before buying a dog, make sure that are really ready to be a dog owner.

Owing a dog can be really fun experience. But it is important to remember that being a dog owner is not all fun and games. Dogs can be expensive and the proper care of a dog requires a great deal of responsibility.

The following steps will show you the right questions to ask yourself, and they will help you to decide whether or not you are ready to bring a dog into your life.

Consider The Cost of Having a Dog:

Dogs may be happiness that money can buy, however, the cost does not stop with the purchase. Even a dog given to you by a friend of family member has costly needs. The affection and love are free, however, the necessities that come with it are not.

Yes free dogs are not really free. Even a mid-sized dog can chew, eat and barf his way through almost $1000 in no time. You don’t skimp out with generic dog food for this royal pup, so estimate $300 for proper food.

Even simple dog tags average between $10-$50. There is a long list of expenses you have to bear even if your dog is young and healthy. You need to vaccinate your dog at the right times and your dog must be regularly examined for any signs of diseases and infestation by parasites. For all these, you need to pay a good sum to the vet. Grooming your dog will cost you an additional sum of $150 a year.

Identify Common Dog Expenses:

Identify Common Dog Expenses

If you need to hire someone to look after your dog in your absence, you have to pay that person too for his/her services. Another 100 bucks will go out of your pocket if you hire somebody to take your dog out for a refreshing walk.

Then there are other items of expense like food, toys, clothing, bedding and so on for your dog. That is not including the baseboards that have been gnawed at, the torn up sofa cushions, or the slobbery shoes.

Think About Long Term:

In fact, all of their supplies will need to be bigger and thus will be more costly. The first year that you own a dog will be the most expensive year.

To get a start on a healthy life, puppies require preventative care and numerous supplies. Doggie gear like feeding and water bowls and brushes and clippers and leashes/collars is needed.

You might also be wise to add in a fence for the yard and obedience classes. And remember that purebred dogs cost quite a lot especially if the breed is pricey and the dog is pedigreed and comes from a good breeder.

A new dog is an exciting milestone for families, but before you decide to make the purchase, please consider the expense of your decision beyond the initial purchase price.

While dogs add invaluable love and companionship, they are not without expense. They are another mouth to feed and need both your time and finances just as much as a human family member.

Ask of Yourself: Can I be a Responsible Owner?

If you foresee any major life changes, perhaps it’s best to wait before adding a new dog to your household. You want to bring a dog into a stable house with a set routine that you can maintain. Responsibility is word that you have probably hated since the first time your parents uttered it to you.

Unfortunately, it is something that will always be a part of life. When you adopt a pet, you are just as responsible for caring for it and providing for its needs as you are for a child. It needs nutritious food, appropriate housing and veterinary care throughout its lifetime.

Set Boundaries For a Puppy:

A puppy needs to have behavioral boundaries set and these must be taught in a way that is fair and humane. If not, it will test those boundaries, just as a willful child does. What makes the difference is that most human children will not bite someone when they lose control.

Dogs need mental stimulus and physical activity for physical and mental well being. However, they can’t accomplish this on their own. Without a pack to play with, they will not constantly run around even when in a large fenced in yard.

They may decide to entertain themselves with inappropriate behavior when left on their own accord – digging in the winning rose garden, chewing siding from the house, or barking for no reason.

Understand How Rewarding It Can be:

Some people enjoy all the responsibilities that come with dog ownership. In comparison to some other responsibilities, such as paying bills, teaching a teenager to drive (and actually watching your car head off down the road with your teen at the wheel) and paying for your child’s college education, your dog’s requirements are fairly easy to deal with.

Prior to bringing a dog into your life, make sure that you are prepared for all aspects involved. Dog ownership can be extremely rewarding, provided you are indeed ready for the responsibility. You have to develop a good relationship with your dog, for sure, but you also have to develop one with your vet.

He or she will help you take care of your dog, for a long time to come. One who is responsible will be there for you on the journey from puppy hood to old age giving you the answers and the encouragement you need to give your dog the best, so pick your vet carefully.

Take Care to Select The Right Vet:

Take Care to Select The Right Vet

While you talk with the vet and the staff, you’ll get a gut feeling so pay attention to this. Even if you got a referral from someone you trust, this is going to be a relationship you have to establish. Leave if you get a bad vibe. A responsible canine parent has to keep the dog safe all the time.

These days, someone isn’t at home all the time and there are lots of times when the house is going to be empty except for your dog.

Now you must take a look at your current situation. Are you financially able to care for a dog? Do you have time to invest in daily walks, or money to pay someone else to take over the job? Dog you travel a lot? Where would you lodge your dog? Answering the questions presented by the information above will give you a pretty good idea whether or not a dog will fit into your current lifestyle.


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