A Look at Terrier Dog Breed

terrier dog breed

Terriers dogs breed are highly energetic, loyal, and definitely brave. Of the many breeds, these aspects are definitely in common between all of them.

Terriers are an old breed of dogs that have worked for their keep for hundreds of years. The name, which is Latin for “earth,” was no doubt given to this tenacious breed due to their ability to hunt such troublesome pests as mice, rats, and foxes, both above ground and in their burrows. Expert diggers, these brave animals have a history of being able to take care of them in nearly every situation, and it is undoubtedly their personality and untiring spirit that makes them popular to this day.

Why Buy a Terrier?

Modern Terriers pack plenty of dog appeal in their relatively tiny frames. Generally speaking, the Terrier category of dogs possesses a fine personality and a tendency to bond with their owners. Nonetheless, this breed isn’t suited to everybody.

While these animals are endearing, they demand a certain degree of every from their owners, which may make them a bit of challenge to keep. Despite being small in stature, terriers are a very protective breed.

They will alert you when someone is nearby; whether it is a mailman, squirrel, or a neighbour. Their arrogant, Napoleonic demeanor is great for people who want to avoid some visitors.

Keeping Your Terrier Occupied:

The Terrier is breed of dog that does not demand a lot of attention. Although it may not need as much human interaction, it could become bored and destructive without creative activities to keep it occupied.

One way to do this is by testing your Terrier in trials that engage your dog in tunnels and courses. Other breeds that enjoy these tests, especially those where they can track prey are the Border, Wire Fox, Lake land, and Scottish Terriers.

Common Terrier Characteristics:

When it comes to bravery, an indomitable spirit, and tenacity, Terriers are generally placed at the top of the list. While all Terriers have these common characteristics, there are many varieties to the breed that differ greatly physically.

We sties, Bull Terriers, Australian, Borders, and Cairn are all different, and many are much smaller than Airedales and American Staffordshire’s. Whether they are long or short legged, or have smooth or wiry coats, these intrepid hunters are all prized pets and companions.



Airedales are the largest breed of terrier and also called the “King of Terriers”. They are thought to be a relation of the Old English Terrier, which is now extinct. Its ability to hunt otter, fox and badgers was prized by English hunters.

Its looks, nature and intelligence have helped the Airedale attain plenty of admirers once it was brought to the USA. Regardless of its task, the Airedale is a champion.

Airedale Measurements and Traits:

Dogs vary in sizes, as do particular breeds of dogs. The Airedale is breed that ranges from medium to large, the male being around 23 inches while the female is smaller. They usually weigh between 45 and 70 pounds. Airedales are known to be smart dogs because they have the ability to learn new things if they are fun.

They also like to seek adventure, but can be a bit stubborn. These dogs are great for those who like the outdoors because Airedales have a high level of energy; they enjoy daily exercise like long walks and hunting. To keep these dogs in excellent health for their 10 to 13 years, you should groom them and comb them twice a week, give them plenty of exercise, and they will protect you for life.



When it comes to hunting, one of Britain’s oldest breeds, the Border Terrier, has always been a favorite. A favorite for hunting foxes, because of its ability to follow its prey through nearly every kind of terrain, both above and below ground, the Border terrier has excelled for over three hundred years. Today it is still prized for its hunting ability and as an excellent family pet.

Border Terrier Traits:

Border Terries aren’t too big, the females running up to 14 inches and 16lbs and the males 15 ½ inches and 20lbs. They’re nice around the house but love to chase things outside, dig, and bark.

They’re good around kids and pets that aren’t rodents. They have a moderate amount of energy well suited to an active person or family because they need exercise every day, a secure yard, brushing every day, a secure yard, brushing every week, and stripping every three months. Given good care, they should live 12 to 15 years.



The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is one of three Terriers from Ireland. It has a silky coat and was breed to be a farm hand. It is able to herd, hunt and guard. Introduced to the USA in 1946 and acknowledged by the American Kennel Club in 1973, this is very versatile dog. The soft coated Wheaten Terrier is a great companion at home and a good competitor in areas such as agility and obedience.

Wheaten Terrier Characteristics:

The wheaten terrier is a medium sized dog. The females are typically 17 to 18 inches, weighing 30 to 35lbs, and the males are just slightly larger. This is dog that is friendly, easy going and affectionate. They are usually good with children, although some can be too rambunctious.

As young dogs, their energy level is medium to high, and wanes over time. To own one, you should have training experience and take an active approach with your dog.

This dog needs exercise every day, ideally a fenced yard to play in, grooming every few days with trimming on a bi-monthly bias and good training by its owner. Their life expectancy is 12 to 14 years.

If you can handle a dog with high energy level, a pup from the terrier group might be for you. These are brave and loyal dogs, but they don’t tend to run very large, making them great for those living in small living spaces. There are many terrier breeds out there that weren’t mentioned here, so you should make sure to do your research if you do decide that this is dog group you’re interested in.


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