6 Thing To Remember About House Training a Dog

house training a dog

It is not worth getting mad at your dog for having an accident. Your dog probably has no idea why you’re upset! Make house training easier with these tips.

House training is perhaps one of the most important parts of training a dog. If your dog is not well potty trained, they may have accidents around the house quite frequently.

This can be annoying and unsanitary. Many dog owners have this problem with their dogs though, so if you are going through this, just know that you are not alone. The following are some training a dog successfully.

The Age You Can Start House Training Your Puppy:

A majority of puppies have enough self control to start house-training when they’re 7 or 8 weeks old. They still eliminate one way or the other every couple of hours, but they know their bodies better so they know when they have to go.

Their instinct tells them to get away from where they spend most of their time when the urge occurs. It’s this moving away from the den impulse that lets you know it’s time for the house training basics.

The puppy can learn that here are even more ways to keep clean. One of the first things that a dog learns from their mother is how to keep her nest clean.

A Dog’s Den Is Sacred:

Dens are as important to a dog as your home or bedroom is to you. It’s a special space for a dog to have to herself. It’s generally partially enclosed, but with at least one opens side.

A dog may prefer her den to be dark, but it isn’t always necessary. The most important quality for a den to have is that a dog feels safe and secure being there. Though dogs are believed to be descendants of wolf, they don’t need an enclosed place to live.

But a wolf always prefers to sleep in a den for security reasons. However, we can still find the natural instinct in a dog to have a safe place to sleep.

There are some people who love dogs very much. They even say that dog is a palindrome for god. They think that they can’t live without their canine companion. There is a genuine reason for their love for dogs.

Believe It Or Not, Dogs Like To Be Clean:

Dogs keep themselves clean. Obviously, what you think is clean and what your dog thinks is clean will be two very different things. You may not like the idea of your dog having a great time in a mud puddle, but the dog probably thinks it is great.

When it comes to peeing and pooping, your dog and his fellow canines draw a very fine line and that is right at their den door. A normal and healthy dog will do almost anything aside from using their den as a potty.

When you are ready to try to get your dog toilet trained, you can use those instincts and reflexes to your which is why you can use that to teach theme use crate training to reinforce those natural habits and instincts.

How You Should Respond To Your Dog Having An Accident:

What should you do if your dog has an accident? Maybe he has pooped in your foyer or peed on the floor in your kitchen right after you mopped it. If you think your dog is feeling guilty about what they have done, you are wrong.

The odds that they even recollect this event are not good. Dogs are not going to feel bad about peeing on your bed, they just are not. They may look like they feel guilty, but they only look that way because the tone of your voice and look on your face scares them, not the fact they have just used your bed as a bush.

Your dog realizes that something is really wrong just because you seem to be hollering at him and are angry. He has no idea whatsoever what the real cause of your anger is.

He would have forgotten his game with your rug since a long time. What Fido knows is just that you are angry and he is afraid of you. He never is aware that he or his act spurred your temper.

Your Dog Probably Has No Idea Why You’re Upset:

Your dog doesn’t see his discretion as quite as big of a deal as you do. If the dog realizes it’s in trouble, the dog will try to become as little as possible and get out of your line of sight.

When the dog reacts this way, it isn’t because it knows what it did wrong; the dog knows you’re angry and just wants to get away from the scolding it’s about to get. If you are expecting the dog to feel bad about what they have done, you will be grey disappointed when they aren’t.

It never does any good to shout at your dog after he has done something wrong. This is because in his mind, there is no connection between the noises you are making now and the behavior that took place in the past. The only thing your dog will learn from this is that he should be scared of you.

How To Successfully House Train Your Dog:

The best way to get good results is to use time, a consistent attitude and patience on your part. A dog can’t remember past behavioral errors, but he can still make connections of cause and effect.

In fact, most dogs are very good at linking cause and effect. If you keep this ability in mid, you can make the dog learn the correct bathroom behaviors, or almost anything else that you need to teach. Repetition is very powerful.

It may even lead to your dog learning things that you didn’t intend to teach her. She may eventually figure out how to go to her crate all by herself when she recognizes that you’re leaving the house. What helps her learn this? She sees you doing the same things every time you go outside.

That repeated sequence of actions: That repeated sequence of actions: turning off lights, grabbing your belongings, getting out your keys, closing the door, is a regularly repeated and recognizable signal of what you’re doing that even a dog can understand.

You are now ready to start house training your dog. It can take a while for some dogs to get the hang of potty training. Some puppies are too young to hold it and other dogs just have a harder time catching on. Remember to be patient. Your dog really doesn’t know what the bid deal is, that is probably why they are messing up the carpet in the first place! Your dog wants to please you and for you to be happy. Once your dog understands that you wish for it to wait until you take it outside to use the bathroom, you will both be much happier. Good Luck!


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