Best Rules For Dog Friendly Vacations Southeast


If you are dog owner who loves to travel, why not combine your two loves? With proper planning and packing, you can have a great time taking your doggie on vacation.

Traveling is fun and dogs are fun pets. It is no surprise then that many people wish to take their doggie on vacation. But if you are going to take Fido along, you must be sure that you plan your trip well and bring everything that you may need while you are traveling.

From first aid to poop pickup and doggie car safety, the following information will help you plan successfully to bring your dog on vacation.

Dog Grooming Supplies, First Aid and Doggie Medications:

On trips to the deep countryside, a tool for picking ticks or tweezers, a brush and comb all come in very handy. A first aid box with the diarrhea medicine Pesto-Bismol and other supplies like tape, scissors and gauze might also be very useful.

Do pack all the regular medicines he needs plus any anti-vomit medicines; get a prescription from the vet if you think it necessary. You might need to clean up and would need innumerable roles of paper towels as well as cloth ones for drying off your dog when he gets wet or dirty.

To cover your bedspreads, any furniture and the carpets in hotel rooms, you should consider packing your old set of sheets plus a blanket, along with a spray bottle of any all-purpose cleaner, or Clorox wipes.

Washing Your Dog and Cleaning up After Your Dog:

Remember to bring plastic bags to clean up after your dog’s poop, along with some shampoo to wash your dog. It isn’t fun to discover you need dog shampoo in the middle of the night and in a strange town, all because your dog managed to get himself dirty.

If you own a small or miniature dog, consider packing a shoulder-strapped carrier bag meant for dogs. This tote is meant for transporting your small dog. The tote not only holds your dog, it also conceals it. You can transport your small dog and people will never know.

You can make your dog comfortable by giving him some of his favorite toys and water to keep him cool and hydrated. When traveling with your dog don’t forget health records, microchip numbers and proof of rabies vaccination in case the unthinkable happens.

Leashes, Water and Dog Safety:

Leashes, Water and Dog Safety

You know your dog, so keep your pet always on leash when not in a carrier. You don’t need your dog nipping at anyone’s heels and all the chaos that can happen from that situation. It is alright for your dog to drink the same water as you do in strange places.

After saying this, you still should take along a few gallons of bottled water, from the tap or store, since you might go somewhere where you can’t safely drink the water. Similar to many other situations, it is important to make preparations for the worst and expect the best when traveling with a dog.

Bring your “LOST DOG” signs already made, that have a picture of your dog on them and carry a big pen to write your phone number on the sign.

Locating Pet-Friendly Lodging:

Start by locating a list of lodgings that allow pets. The AAA travel guide and other similar guides usually have pet-friendly lists, but some information could be outdated.

Therefore, it’s always best to call and double check. You never know what can happen if a place changes ownership or has to change a policy for one reason or another.

The California Dog Lover’s Companion by Maria Goodavage is a good guide. Avalon Travel Publishing distributes it. It is definitely a great investment, if you are visiting California or especially if you live in the state.

There are also others in the series that are equally useful. When it comes to travel with dogs, the Internet has also revolutionized travel. If you’ve ever searched online for pet-friendly travel and lodging, you’ll know that there is a massive amount of options to choose from.

Traveling By Car With Canine Companions:

Traveling By Car With Canine Companions

It’s no surprise that most dog vacations are by car, considering the apprehension and worry pet owners feel toward air travel. Once your dog starts to associate car rides with fun-filled vacations at the beach or park, he will start expecting and anticipating these trips more than you will. It is thus important that you will.

It is thus important that you start developing good car-ride behavior from the start, when your dog is puppy. Driving is serious business and you should let your pet know that; she might be very cute or small but a ride in your lap is never to be allowed.

You should never pet her while driving either. On short drives in the locality she must be told to sit quietly and if she obeys you can praise her for proper manners.

Dog Car Safety:

Dog Car Safety:

It is clearly safer and easier to carry the pet in a crate while traveling. The size or design of the car and also the size of the pet might make it impossible to carry a crate.

Yet it is always better to try and accommodate one, especially if the dog is restless and capable of distracting the driver. You can get collapsible crates which can be easily stored in the trunk when not being used. A dog seat belt is a good safety tool when bringing your pet along for car rides.

The safety belt attaches to a type of harness that your dog wears and fits the usual seat belt. These safety belts are also available tot those that have station wagons or other similar vehicles that have large amounts of extra cargo space.

In this case, metal barriers fit between the back cargo and passenger area and safely secure your pet. These seat belts can found in many pet stores.

Prepare Your Dog For a Long Car Ride:

If your pet is not used to riding in the car except for veterinarian visits, do not expect them to the perfect car riders. To encourage good behavior while in a vehicle, maximize their time in the car and reward them when good behavior is shown. Try starting with short trips to the park or other fun destinations.

For dogs that get carsick, try using Dramamine or asking your veterinarian for advice. You can also try not feeding your dog much before a trip, but giving them a piece of some sort of sugar candy, which tends to curb their carsickness. Just be sure not to give them any chocolate!

Long Term For Car Riding:

The best long-term cure is to simply build up your pet’s tolerance for car rides slowly and make them positive experiences, since fear tends to make them more sick that the actual. Motion of the car does. Though your dog may love the fresh air, you shouldn’t allow your dog to hang out of your car window. Trash from other vehicles can injure your dog.

You can roll down your window just enough for your dog to get a sniff, but nothing more. While driving, it’s necessary to stop for your dog just as often as you need to, so they can relieve themselves and get some water. Just remember to keep your pet on their leash for everyone’s safety.

Now you are ready to take your dog on an adventure. Bringing a dog on vacation can be an amazing experience, so the next time you travel, think about taking Fido on the road rather than paying for a kennel or finding a dog-sitter. With all of the above information at your disposal, you are ready to plant a great vacation. Happy travels!


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