Holiday Pet Care Alternatives You Must Consider

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Pets are amazing and make us feel good every time we love them. Unfortunately, when it’s time to go on a trip or vacation, we need to think of the alternatives for pet care.

It is not possible for everyone to take their pets with them on vacation. Every dog or cat owner should know about the pet care alternatives to take care of them in their absence.

Whether you own a dog or a cat, you should know about someone who could take care of your pets while you are out on a vacation trip. Here are some of the pet care alternatives that you should consider for taking care of your pet on holidays.

Pet Sitters:

Pet Sitters

If you search for pet sitters in your area, you could find many of them who are ready to take care of your pet. Some pet sitters are ready to visit your home and take care of your pet in your absence while some will keep your pet at their place. There are individuals as well as companies offering pet sitting services.

Pet sitters feed your pets, take them out for walks, spend time with them and take care of their daily routine. However, pet owners need to search for a good pet sitter to meet their requirements within their budget. All the pet sitters offer some basic facilities, and they charge you for any additional services.

Hire a House Sitter:

The pet experts say that pets are happiest in their homes. There is no place better than your home to make your pet feel comfortable. In home pet sitting is the best option for your pets while you go out on vacation. However, hiring a pet sitter for your home may be an expensive option, but your pet will be most comfortable with its toys and belongings at home.

You should try looking for a home pet sitter in your location and choose one of the best for your pet. If you don’t know about any pet sitters, try asking your friends, pet stores, dog parking, and dog daycare centers. The best benefit of hiring a pet sitter is that he/she could take care of your pet and watch your home while you are out.

A Trusted Friend or Relative:

A trusted friend, relative or family member is another best option as your pet may be already familiar with these people. Find a friend or relative who visits your home frequently as your pet knows and trusts them well. With these people, your dog will not feel as much separated as with a new pet sitter.

Your friends or relatives who frequently visit your home are also well familiar with your pet and would love to take care of it in your absence. You could leave your pet at their place with its favorite toys, packed food, and other belongings. If it is possible for them to come and stay at your home during your vacation, it is the best option, as your pet is most comfortable in your home.

Before leaving your pet with a friend or relative, you should create a list of its daily routine, meal timings, medicines (if any), and other requirements and hand over the list to them. The list will help them to take care of your pet and ensure that they don’t miss anything from your pet’s daily routine.

Home Style Boarding:

Home Style Boarding

Home style Boarding is a new type of pet boarding trend that is quickly gaining popularity these days. In this boarding option, you leave your pet with a family in their home and pay a fee to the family. Such families who offer the facility of home style boarding also have their own pets.

Home style boarding is less expensive than boarding at large kennels. Your pet gets more attention at home as they have fewer pets to take care as compared to a kennel. Before you choose to leave your pet with a home style boarding family, you should know about all the items required including the food, toys and other essential items.

Join a Network:

If you travel frequently and love to look after pets, you could join a network where you can swap the dog sitting services. The dog sitting services groups can be dedicated to a specific breed or “all dogs welcome” groups. The best point about the dog swapping networks is that they are free and do not charge anything, Only you will need to take care of someone else’s pet while they need to go on a vacation.

Take Your Pet With You:

Take Your Pet With You

You can take your pet with you on vacation if you want to take care of it yourself. Many hotels welcome pets and never mind bring your dog or cat with you. If you stay in a hotel which allows pets, you don’t need to worry about having someone to take care of your pet.

Moreover, if you are going to an outdoorsy location, your cat or dog may enjoy that type of retreat. Your pet might like the change and enjoy the trip with you and your family.

However, you need to take care of your pet more than you care in your home. You need to check whether the climatic conditions of the location will suit your pet or not. If you are planning visit a place with too high or too low temperature, you should consult your veterinarian before taking your pet with you.

Final Words:

Pets need plenty of care and attention both at home and outside the home. You need to check the quality of services if you decide to leave your pet with a pet sitter. If you plan to leave your pet with a friend or relative, he or she should be familiar and comfortable enough with your pet to feed and take care of it in your absence. The tips mentioned in this post are the best pet care alternatives that every pet owner should consider while going on a holiday trip.


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