How to Grind Your Dog Nails Perfectly


Does your dog go ballistic when you get back those nail clippers?

You cannot really blame your puppy – a couple of bad experiences get your nails cut to the fast (your dog’s nail cuticle) and the bleeding will probably make Squirmy too! Grinding must never be done on a dog with hairy feet. Sometime we know that is a very simple to grind a dog nail, we don’t know about the exact way to cut the dog nail without stress.

The good news is that there is an alternative to nail clippers for dogs – specifically, dog nail grinders! Today we will be detailing the best dog nail mills, as well as reviewing the shape of Dremel dog nails safely.

Effective Tips for grinding dog nails without stress

Before you get to the milling, get the down on how to grind your dog’s nails efficiently and effectively.

Reach your dog accustomed to the grinder. Present your dog to the grinder in small increments (and with lots of treats and compliments at each step). First, show your dog the grinder and give reward. Rewards place near the chopper (when it’s off) to get the dog sniffing and near the grinder. Then turn the grinder on and off quickly and reward. Then turn the grinder over a longer period and reward it. Finally, turn the grinder on and touch your dog’s nails (just for a moment) and the alabanza

This whole process will not take place in a single day – in fact, it may take a couple of weeks to get your dog acclimated. Go slowly and take your time. The reward will be worth it when you can wear your dog’s nails without stress!

Only grind a small amount at a time. Even with a nail grinder, you will only want to grind a small part of your dog’s nails in a single session. Support the dog’s feet, but do not squeeze too much. Most dogs are spooked with clippers so grinders work the best. Grind on the bottom and then, carefully from the tip of the nail, soften the rough edges as you go. If you do it weekly, the fast one will recede and you will be able to keep your nails short on your dog easily.

Keep near the top. Keep the mill higher, towards the top, for better control.

Keep your dog comfortable. Make sure your dog is in a more comfortable position grinding the nails. Also keep in mind how you are going to hold your dog’s foot. It is recommended to keep your dog’s leg in a way that allows you to easily separate the toes from each other and push the nail that is grinding further away. Some dogs prefer to sit with their paws out, while others prefer to have their back paw curved. See what works for you and your dog!

Grinders make heat! Remember, grinders get hot, so just keep the mill against the nail for a second or two at a time. Press and release in small increments until your dog’s nails shortens.

Be careful for Hair & Coat. If your dog has long hair, be sure to hold it and keep it away from the abrasive tool so it does not get caught! Vet Street offers great advice – with the help of an old pair of socks, put it on your dog’s paw and push the nail through. This makes the nail available to trim, while braking any skin paw!

Have you used a dog nail grinder ? What tool do you recommend? Share your opinion in the comments!


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