7 Things I’ve Learned About Terriers Dog Breeds

terriers dog breeds

Terriers are a highly popular breed of dog that has been around for centuries. The following information will introduce you to several different types of Terrier dogs.

If you are looking for a fun, feisty and protective pet, a Terrier is a great breed of dog for you to choose. Terriers have strong instincts and do not take kindly to intruders.

Terrier dogs have a proud history and have been used as hunting dogs for centuries. The following information is what I’ve learned about the history of Terriers, and this information will introduce you to many different varieties of this well-loved breed of dog.

The History and Origin of Terrier Dogs:

Terrier means “of the earth” and Terrier dogs are quite earthy. These dogs were bred to deal with pests like rodents and foxes in places like barns and fields. They “go to ground” and dig their prey so they needed to have a lot of energy, courage, and persistence.

Some were later bred to fight each other or to kill vermin in pit contests, but thankfully that’s against the law now. Still, all of the Terrier breeds are very feisty and know how to take care of themselves.

Terriers Have Great Personalities:

Dog owners looking for a lot of dog in a small package need not look any farther than today’s Terriers. These dogs for the most part have a good disposition and their heart will belong solely to their families. Keep in mind though; a Terrier may not be for everyone. Though they are an engaging type, they need an owner that can match them in spunk and enthusiasm.

They don’t need much attention, but they can get bored and ultimately become destructive if they don’t have challenges. A great way to meet this need for challenges is to put your dog in the Terrier trails. These tests can give a Terrier a way to showcase how easily they can manoeuvre any man-made course.

Terriers Have Strong Instincts:

Terriers Have Strong Instincts:

Some types of dogs who get excited when they’re let loose to chase an object or animal are Border, Wire Fox, Lake land, and Scottish Terriers. They have sharp prey instincts, and Terriers are intolerant to other dogs, gerbils, and cats. Many Terriers come off as bullies with their, ‘You talk to me?’ attitude.

If one is looking for a protective breed, this is the tripe of dog for you because even the petite Terriers will warn you of intruders even if it’s just the mailman or squirrel in the yard. Terriers in general, are feisty, expressive, busy, bold, tenacious, and inquisitive.

The Many Types of Terriers:

Terriers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, fluffy Westie and the muscular Bull Terriers look so different from each other. All you can say is all terries have strong jaws enabling them to grab their prey and hold on. Small sized Terriers include Australian, Border, and Cairn varieties whereas the Airedale and American Stafford shire are large sized terriers.

A clear classification of Terriers is made on the basis of if they are short or long legged breeds. Most Terriers have wiry coats, maintained though a grooming technique called stripping, but other types of coats found in terriers can be smooth, medium or long.

Airedale, being the largest size in Terriers is also popular by title ‘King of Terriers’; it takes its size from old English Terriers. English hunters used their Terriers to catch quarries like badger, otter, and fox. The Old English Terrier is now extinct.

The Airedale Terrier and Staffordshire Terriers:

The Airedale Terrier and Staffordshire Terriers:

As soon as it was brought to America the Airedale won people’s hearts with its smarts, looks, and protective attitude. It’s been used a s police dog, a show dog, or just a good companion. The AmStaff (American Stafford shire Terrier) as well as the Stafford shire Bull Terrier were bred from Bulldogs combined with game Terriers.

The former was meant to be a dog fighter in 19th century England, even though it was against the law. It is nice by nature but has a bad reputation because of the way it’s been trained. However, this breed is obedient, agile, and can track and conform.

The Australian Terrier and The Bedlington Terrier:

The Australian Terrier, fostered in Tasmania, was the very first native breed to be recognized and presented in that country. It was bred to be a versatile companion and worker and was put to use for controlling livestock, battling pests including snakes and rates, while also guarding against intruders. Whether it’s the rural farms or the city, the Australian Terrier thirsts for a balanced themes of activity and companionship.

The Bedlington Terrier are an enigmatic variety of Terrier, named after England’s Mining Shire which was developed in the 1800s. The deceiving part is while they look like lambs, this Bedlington breed is fast. They hunt of rats, badgers and other vermin. To keep the dog’s coat from being matted, take them to the groomer often to keep their curly coasts tamed. This is the trademark of the lamp like Terrier called the Bedlington.

The Border Terrier and The Bull Terrier:

Known as one of Britain’s oldest Terriers, the border Terrier originated in the 1700s on the border area between England and Scotland. Bred to hunt foxes, the terrier was quick and kept up with horses during hunts, but was small enough in stature to go though fox holes.

Today a Border terrier can be expected to excel when it comes to agility and is an exceptional companion in homes. The Bull Terrier, a Bulldog and Terrier roses, caught the public eye, despite their less than friendly appearance. The Bull Terrier is incredibly friendly and loves fun and their adopted family.

As you can see, there are lots of different types of Terriers for you to choose from if you wish to have an energetic and protective pet. These dogs have been around for quite some time and are still a beloved breed. Now that you know a bit more about some of the various breeds of Terriers you will be better able to purchase a dog that is a good match for you and your family.

Do your research and do not give up the search until you find the perfect dog and you are sure to find the perfect dog and you are sure to find the Terrier that is right for you.


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