7 Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Shows

dog shows

Some think that those who enter their dogs into shows just have amazing dogs, but what really goes into it is preparation and know-how. Here’s what to know if you want to be that owner. Read more

What is The Westminster Kennel Club?

There are all types of dog shows, but the biggest and most well know is the Westminster kennel Club Dog Show. The show began in 1877 in New York City, where a unique group of dogs and people meet each year.

Dog shows are very cutthroat and are quite an experience for those who have never been to one. This glamorous event follows rules that began over a century ago.

What is The American Kennel Club?

The American Kennel Club maintains that the general criteria for judging a dog are that it conforms the most closely to the standard of its breed.

During competition, the judges will scrutinize the dog and determine how well it compares to the standards officially set for that breed.

Characteristics set forth are generally those that enable the dog to perform the activities for which it has been bred. Details such as structure, temperament and the dog’s gait are all taken into consideration as the animal is being judged against the standards of its breed.

How Are The Dogs Judged?

Even though there’s a ton of Ritz and glitz at dog show, it’s not all about the dog’s appearance. What really matters are the standard rules.

These rules provide a way for judges to actually judge the dogs without bias. Each breed of dog has a standard by which they are judged.

A protective coat on a terrier, for example, is must because it helps them hunt animals. These standards are found in the AKC’s complete dog book. You can find these standards, as well as additional links, on their website at – www.akc.org.

How Do I Enter My Dog?

There are specific rules regarding which dogs can be entered in conformation shows. A dog needs to be intact, usually 6 month or older, registered and a purebred.

An intact dog is one that has never been spayed or neutered. The reason for this is these events started as a way to compare dogs’ potential breeding capabilities.

Some owners may not want to enter their dogs in these events because of the health problem associated with intact dogs.

Can I Get Around Regulations?

Don’t get too upset if your dog doesn’t meet one of the rules to complete in dog shows. Cats, however, can contend in a distinct class at pet shows for some time and some shows allow cats to contend in distinct classes for cat shows.

There are three kennel clubs’ that give optimism to pups that can’t compete in the traditional dog show mold.

The United kennel club includes not just purebred dogs, but all dogs who are spayed or neutered, and even mixed breeds, purebreds of unknown ancestry and dogs that have flaws which prohibit them from being a UKC breed.

What is in the agenda are tryouts for agility, obedience and pretty much everything needed for dogs to complete in a dog show.

IS There a Showing For Non- Pureblood Dogs?

Certain dog shows allow breeders with dogs that do not have a clean blood line to take part in their event if they’ve followed proper procedure to take part in the program. It must be impossible for these dogs to continue their breed.

There is specific dog show for these animals, and you will not be able to have them participate in a show with pedigree animals. The CKC has events similar to the more pedigreed show such as courses and obedience.

What Are Some Other Alternative Shows?

In order to win the MBDCA championship title, a dog must first earn an obedience title from the organization to show its intelligence is on par with its looks.

Occasionally, an individual breed club will make changes to its standards to allow owners who do not breed their dogs or want to show a dog who has been fixed.

One example is the Australian Shepherd Club of America which not only allows spayed and neutered dogs to compete in all club programs, but also runs an altered conformation program where dogs can earn points towards the title.

Dog owners that have a lot of pride in their pets usually want to show them off. However, there are certain regulations that must be followed with dog showing. If your pet doesn’t meet them, don’t despair! There are other shows your dog can be entered in, where there will be plenty of opportunities for them to win titles.


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